Medical Billing Solutions, Inc
MBS, Inc.
Medical Billing Solutions, Inc., a full service medical billing, consulting and practice management firm dedicated to providing an effective and efficient medical billing process. MBS provides the highest level of quality services so our providers can concentrate on the practice of medicine and not be distracted by billing and collection issues. WE GET YOU PAID! 

Medical Billing and Receivables Management: MBS provides a turn-key full service medical billing administrative process. Our philosophy is that we completely administer the claim payment cycle from beginning to end. Our services include state of the art medical management software, staff training, electronic claim submission, claim follow up and all patient billing, correspondence and phone calls.

Data Security and Data Storage: MBS provides HIPA compliant storage, redundant backup systems and disaster recovery systems and action plans for all of your billing and private client information.

Electronic Medical Records: MBS provides cutting edge Electronic Medical Records installation, staff training and daily claims processing through our partnership with SpringChart Medical.

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Medical Billing Solutions, Inc.

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