Medical Billing Solutions, Inc
MBS, Inc.
Medical Billing Services  
Providers look to us for ONE-SOURCE Medical Billing, Accounts Receivable Management and Electronic Claims Processing.

Medical Billing Solutions, Inc. is a full-service medical billing company. We are dedicated to providing a high quality service and increasing the profitability of heath care practices, allowing the medical providers to concentrate on the practice of medicine and not be burdened with the daily affairs of medical claims adjudication and patient collections.

MBS administers a turn-key, complete medical billing administrative service for our clients.

  • MBS performs the following services:
  • Setup of electronic billing format with CMS(Medicare) and all insurance companies
  • Perform electronic or paper filing of claims with the appropriate insurance companies
  • Review diagnosis and procedural codes for compliance
  • Supply detailed monthly practice management reports of all transactions and financial statistics
  • Claims appeal; Individual follow up on all delayed or denied claims when appropriate
  • Reconcile insurance company explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • Prepare and mail monthly patient statements
  • Answer patient billing questions
  • Manage the credentialing process associated with each insurance company and CAQH
  • Supply and maintain practice management software for real time information access within your practice facility
  • Complete software training for both the providers and staff
  • Absorb all clearinghouse setup and processing fees
  • Installation of Electronic Medical Record systems and daily claims processing

Medical Billing Solutions, Inc.

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