Medical Billing Solutions, Inc
MBS, Inc.
Data Access & Security  
How long would your practice survive without access to patient records, patient charts, accounts receivable, patient scheduling? Is your practice compliant with government regulations – such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act – HIPAA.

To deliver on-time, quality billing services to your practice is what MBS, Inc. provides. At MBS, Inc. we understand that your practice only flourishes if we do our job right. A principal which we rely, bringing to our clients “best in class” services – TOTAL Practice Management SOLUTION. MBS, Inc. and our business partnerships allows us to make this offer.

A key member of our TEAM is NET Telcos – Data and Management Hosting Solutions. Your practice is accessible and secure – 24x7 x 365 days per year. World Class facilities throughout the US, designed so your practice stays healthy and growing - Data and Managed Hosting Solutions

Medical Billing Solutions, Inc.

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